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We are always delighted when couples choose to have their wedding at St Paul's. We will do everything we can to make this day really special for you. To be married at St. Paul's Church, all that is required is that one or both of you have a connection with the church. This can be through one or more of the following:


-Present or past resident of the Parish for at least 6 months

-Baptised or Confirmed at St Paul's Church

-Your parents or grandparents were married at St Paul's Church

-You are a regular worshipper at St Paul's and on the church electoral role




Baptism is a ceremony by which a person becomes part of the Christian community. It involves commitment to Christ and recognising that we are made by God and belong to him. If children are too young to answer for themselves, their parents can promise to bring them up as Christians and help them grow in their faith. If you live in the parish of St. Paul's then you can ask the Vicar about Baptism.



Here at St. Paul’s, we have a team made up of laity and clergy who would be able to conduct a funeral service, whether it is a cremation or a burial. Normally funeral directors contact us, and between the family and St. Paul’s we try to find a convenient mutual date. Whilst most services are conducted at the cemetery / crematorium, should you wish an extended service held at St. Paul’s church we would be happy to help you arrange that.




Interment of Ashes


St. Paul’s church property houses a small Garden of Remembrance where ashes can be interred.

Should you wish the remains of your loved one to have their final resting place in our garden, we would

be happy to help that happen.

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